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IvanRivera6.AC114-Writing Assignment Project.Unit9

IvanRivera6.AC114-Writing Assignment Project.Unit9 -...

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Writing Assignment Project – Unit 9 AC114 Accounting 1 By Ivan Rivera The key concepts and topics that made me a better candidate for the business world was everything about the Accounting class, I don’t remember taking it in High School but it really did help to put things in perspective of how business works and how we as consumers help business. The Accounting cycle, the flow of charts and the accounting equation are basics of accounting that intertwine with the check ledger and journal entry something that we should all know if we balance our check books. These subjects made me really understand the importance of organization to keep track of profits and losses and how each business can record different items even a small amount can make a big difference in many of the charts as well as possible mistakes. The class really gave me an understanding of what kind of job I might fit into or what kind of things I could be interested in doing with my degree. As a student I also
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Unformatted text preview: learned as a consumer what things are important for some business and as a possible investor I learned how read some of the statements for inventory and learned calculations that determine certain ratios of gain or loss for companies taking into consideration the shrinkage inventory. Many of the issues of today have to do with bad communication or greed and some of the best advice for a business can come from their accounting team as an executive dealing with money and how the financial statements go everyone must follow the GAAP to have better results at the end of the year. The last few classes really got me motivated and thinking I was working in a big company and me helping out with the FiFo or LiFo methods to save money in taxes and provide a good forecast as well as creativity moving the methods around or combining them especially in this down economy. I think I may have review some of the information learned just to keep it fresh in mind long after graduation....
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IvanRivera6.AC114-Writing Assignment Project.Unit9 -...

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