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IvanRiver6 Unit 1 Course MT211 Business Law Describe the following terms in your own words. Be sure to use complete sentences and cite  your sources of information.  ADR = This  is  a  meeting  between  two  parties  that  are disputing  something  but don’t  have  the  time  to  wait  for  trial  there  for  a  negotiator  expert  in  the  field  that  is being  disputed  become  the neutral  negotiator. Jurisdiction =  This  means  that  you  or  an  agency  has  access  to  certain  information,  territory  or  person,  it  is  like  a  division  or  mapping  of  who  has  authority  where. Judicial  Review =  A  neutral  person  or  agency  that  gets  involved  when  two  authority 
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Unformatted text preview: figures can’t resolve an issue, it is like when mom or dad get involved in dispute between siblings, the higher authority reviews the case to help bring a compromise. Discovery = To be the first to find out about a person, thing or place and present it to the world as theirs. Pleadings = To ask for something with much desire, to ask to be heard and to listen to that point of view before making any decisions against the person being reviewed....
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