lecture 10 and 11 - 1. - availability of carbon and...

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1. - availability of carbon and nitrogen sources and any specific nutrients required by individual microorganisms. - substrate pH - moisture content - Incubation temperature - redox potential - stage of growth of microorganisms - presence of other competing microorganisms 2. In batch culture the growth of microorganisms can be described by a number of phases. Cell growth during the logarithmic phase is at a constant rate. Costs less. In continuous cultures cell growth is limited by the substrate in batch operation have higher productivity if the substrate is added continuously to the fermenter and biomass or products are continuously removed at the same rate. Under these conditions the cells remain in the logarithmic phase of growth. 3. Cucumbers, olives, cabbage and other vegetables are submerged in a 2% to 6% w/w brine, which inhibits the growth of putrefactive spoilage bacteria. Air is excluded in a naturally occurring sequence of lactic acid bacteria grow in the anaerobic conditions to produce approx. w/w lactic acid; uses a 2.5% to 6% salt brine. 4. To reduce processing costs, to increase yields of extracts from raw materials, to improve handling of materials, and to improve shelf life and sensory characteristics of foods; enzymatic reactions are carried out under moderate conditions of temperature and pH, and are highly specific, thus reducing the
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lecture 10 and 11 - 1. - availability of carbon and...

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