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Lab 1 Apple Juice

Lab 1 Apple Juice - John Goodson FDST 4050 Effect of Radio...

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John Goodson 8/31/2009 FDST 4050 Effect of Radio Frequency Electrical Field Processing on Apple Juice Yields Introduction Radio frequency electrical field (RFEF) processing allows for a cheap and environmentally friendly method of increasing juice yields and microbial inhibition in production at moderately low temperatures. RFEF processing consists of applying radio frequency radiation in a treatment chamber to liquid foods. An RFEF field within the 3 Hz-300 GHz range is created inside the treatment chamber and applied continuously to where the product is passed through. (McGinnis 2006) The RFEF creates an oscillation in the molecular structure of the product and effectively disrupts the cellular walls of plant matter and membrane of animal material. This process can increase juice yields in moisture extraction processes and inhibit microbial growth in the product. (Geveke, Brunkhorst et al. 2007) In this experiment, mass yield was measured in pre- and post-processing to observe the effect of juice yield under RFEF processing.
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