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Ch. 4 : Carbon and the Molecular Diversity of Life I. The Importance of Carbon A. Vitalism believes that there is a life force outside of physical and chemical laws; this was mainly due to the organic compounds being from “living” organisms and inorganic compounds being found in “the nonliving world.” Mechanism believes that all natural phenomena, including processes of life, are governed by physical and chemical laws. Both of these philosophies led to more research regarding organic and inorganic compounds, and helped scientists found organic chemistry. B. Carbon has four valence electrons, meaning it neither loses nor gains four other electrons. Instead, the carbon atoms share electrons with others in four covalent bonds. C. Carbon skeletons may vary by size, shape, and the number of bonds. These different skeletons allow different atoms to bond at available times; also, this variety contributes to the different characterizations in living matter. D.
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