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Language Myths Book : Language Myths . Edited by Laurie Bauer & Peter Trudgill - a bunch of different essays and articles, written by 22 different linguist scholars. Purpose was to create a book that was accessible to the general population. general population interested in language. They don't really talk to people. Book was a ttempt to provide a popular book, easy to read. Spread the news of what is true to language usage. Introduction A group of linguistics scholars decided to write a “pop” book on language so that the common person (the layperson) can understand language better. Through a survey approach the editors identified common assumptions mainstream people have regarding language. (reveal what the gen pop. believed in, they were amazed with how inaccurate people thought.) o Professional linguists were then asked to respond. As most linguists disagreed with the “common wisdom” the beliefs were labeled myths. o Twenty-one myths were identified and discussed in the book. In this lecture, we’ll discuss only seven of them. Myth #1— Some languages aren’t good enough. Linguists said it depends on the primary functions. example- a lot of spanish and asian people don't want to standardize to English maori- is the official language, of New Zealand, it comes from the actual experiences of those people. language is interlinked with the culture and those people. keep it going. Clearly maori is better language than English because its their first language. Language runs out when they report news in English. It's not a global language or indigneous. It depends on what you are looking at. Native language is better or if looking for language thats broad, maybe english is better? English has grown with time, adding words. English language calls it hospitable, invites other languages in. french extremely protective of their language, has a leadism for their language. if someone leads it, their culture will die. the don't want their language to become a mutt.
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o Most languages are the first language of some community. This language tends to serve the everyday, common functions of that community perfectly well. o Some languages, like Latin, are very restricted, and are used for very specific purposes. o Some languages have wider functions Used as official languages of states and nations for politics, education, and literature. Used in an international role. English is the language of international air traffic, business communication, scientific publication, and tourism. This difference in scope leads some people to believe that some languages which do not cover a wide range of functions are not good enough . Author’s response: Not good enough for what ? The original, indigenous language is the best at
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CMN105LanguageMythsThem - Language Myths Book: Language...

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