EXB102 Lecture Notes

EXB102 Lecture Notes - 1 EXB102 Lecture 3-...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 EXB102 Lecture 3- Tuesday/Thursday, January 19 and 21, 2010 ANXIETY & AROUSAL IN SPORT Arousal - an all-inclusive, well-ranging continuum of psychological activation Anxiety - a negatively charged emotional state that is characterized by internal discomfort and a feeling of nervousness. AROUSAL CONTINUUM (leave room for graphic) ACTIVATION "the process in the central nervous system that increases the activity in the brain from a lower level to a higher level, and maintains this high level. The activation response is a general energy mobilizing response that provides the conditions for a high performance, both physically and psychologically. (Ursin, 1978) NEUROPHYSIOLOGICAL MECHANISMS a.) Brain Mechanisms- b.) Cerebral Cortex - Higher Intellectual Functions- 2 c.) Hypothalamus - Controls Endocrine System- d.) Reticular Activating System - Activates cortex from Brainstem- e.) Autonomic Nervous System (ANS)- PSYCHOLOGICAL MECHANISMS State Anxiety - a transitory form of apprehension that varies in intensity, in proportion to the strength of...
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EXB102 Lecture Notes - 1 EXB102 Lecture 3-...

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