EXB102FEB23LEC - 1 EXB102 Lecture READING MAGILL CH2 Talk...

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1 EXB102 Lecture, February 23, 2010 READING: MAGILL CH2 Talk about Olympics, ice skating… MEASUREMENT OF MOTOR LEARNING SCIENTIFIC METHOD- refers to this when writing a lab report 1.) Observation/Description- lowest (did this with match observation assignment, spending people out in the wild, environment and do not have any effects or influences. *Correlation relationship- suggests there is some relationship between different variables and different behaviors in our case that might take place. Ex. Lifestyle behaviors, so people that smoke or drink alcohol in excess have poor eating habits and are sedentary, there is a very high correlation with those people to have heart disease, lung cancer, diabetics, obesity etc…Correlation evidence that it exist. Ex. As shoe size increase in Jr. High students, math scores goes up. As they grow literally, they are taking new level math courses. 2.) Causal Relationship- higher level of strength, when you actually have evidence that a relationship is casual. One thing causes another. Smoking cigarettes causes lung cancer. 3.) Generalization- if you do a research study on Jr. High kids, can you generalize the results to other groups or population? Errors are made. 4.) Application- taking the research findings and applying them in the real world so they can use them. MEASURING MOTOR LEARNING Performance Curves (leave room for graphic) 1.) These are NOT learning curves because I can’t see learning; it makes it difficult to measure. Can measure performance because can see and measure it. 2.) Performance is the vertical axis, time or trial is on the bottom. 3.) You will get a relationship that will average here, going to call this curve
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EXB102FEB23LEC - 1 EXB102 Lecture READING MAGILL CH2 Talk...

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