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LECTURE 8notesjan28 - % of Attendance Compliance Degree to...

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1 LECTURE 8 – THURSDAY, JANUARY 28 TH 2010 EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGY WHY DO PEOPLE EXERCISE? Improve Own Appearance Enjoyment Social Experience Psychological Benefit WHY DON'T PEOPLE EXERCISE? Lack of Time Fatigue Lack of Facilities Lack of Knowledge About Fitness Lack of Willpower EXERCISE ADHERENCE >60% of adults get little to no exercise; <20% engage in regular, sustained, vigorous PA 100% rise in childhood obesity since 1980 - 80% of CA 5th graders – unfit Average daily caloric expenditure has decreased 800 kcal in last 25 years 10% of sedentary adults are likely to begin a program of regular exercise within a year 50% of people who start an exercise program will drop out within 6 - 8 weeks another 25% by the end of 1 year TERMS
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2 Adherence
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Unformatted text preview: % of Attendance Compliance Degree to which subjects adhere to a protocol Dropout Subjects who stopped attending WHAT IS MOTIVATION? The intensity and direction of behavior Intensity- degree of effort put forth Direction- approaches or avoids a situation PERSISTENCE Meaningfulness Goals Short-Term Long-Term Incentives Motives Leadership MOTIVES OF RUNNERS Afterglow Fitness Centering Feels Good Challenge Identity Competition Slim 3 Social SEX DIFFERENCES IN MOTIVES TO EXERCISE Biological or Cultural? Self-Esteem & Confidence Issues Estimation in Physical Ability to Exercise College Age Males Rank Competition #1 Females Rank Health & Fitness #1 Both Rank Social Experience Very High- Mathes & Batista '85...
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LECTURE 8notesjan28 - % of Attendance Compliance Degree to...

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