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EXB102 Lecture Notes

EXB102 Lecture Notes - 1 EXB102 Lecture Thursday...

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1 EXB102- Lecture - Thursday, February 11, 2010 Announcements: Watch Winter Olympic Games 8-10pm (www.NBC.com/olympics) Match observation due: Feb 25th A.) GROUP COHESION (aspect of group motivation) GROUPS- understanding how groups form a.) Definitions 2 or more persons interacting in such a manner that each person influences and is influenced by each other person . Shaw, 1976. …a group is not simply a crowd of people - a group is characterized by purposeful interaction in goal directed and/or interpersonal behavior. Carron,1980. (when does a crowd becomes a group?) Ex. Flash-mob- creates a crowd of people instantaneously. B.) MORE DEFINITIONS OF GROUPS …the factors that separate the group from the random gathering of individuals is the degree of attraction, commitment, and involvement (these are the things that makes a difference) of the individual members related to the collective totality. (These three above makes a difference) 1. What degree of attraction? 2. How do we measure commitment? (People don’t pay their club dues) 3. How much is someone involved? (What does that look like?) C.) COHESION (how does a group stick together?) from the Latin word COHAESUS meaning to cleave or stick together i.) Definition …a dynamic vs static process that is reflected in the group's tendency to stick together and remain united while pursuing its goals and objectives (Carron, 1984). (Dynamic- always changing because people change) D.) DIMENSIONS 1.) Social Cohesion
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2 …the degree to which the members of a team like each other and enjoy each other’s company. (want to be together on the team, not necessity afterwards, but enjoy each other on the team ex. have fun on the trips socially) 2.) Task Cohesion …the degree to which members of a group work together to achieve a specific and identifiable task. (Goal specific behavior, they do stuff- hard work and effort, committed to the task) DETERMINANTS- what are some things that determines cohesion? a.) Cooperation - are you willing to cooperate? How much? What does cooperation mean? Is it what you want to do to what the team wants to do? Or the social group wants you to do? “I want to go home early and study for my…” “Oh no, we want to stay here and order a pizza.” So what do you do? Go home early or stay with your team? Many college athletes struggle with this. The balance of a student and an athlete. b.) Stability-
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EXB102 Lecture Notes - 1 EXB102 Lecture Thursday...

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