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1 EXB102 LECTURE, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 2010 Emily Azevedo took 5 th at the Olympic level… SENSORY CONTRIBUTIONS OF VISION Keep your eyes on the ball- you should try to look at the ball? Do your best to keep it in your vision? There are some sport activities that occurs to fast for the eyes to track. SOURCES OF SENSORY INFORMATION - for skill movements, we rely on vision the most. Significant proportion comes from our vision for our skill movements. a.) Exteroceptive - Vision & Audition (Hearing) golf and tennis have to be quiet - Environmental and Self!!- Sound comes from the environment or you; the noise can come back for b.) Proprioceptive – Kinesthesis- the feeling on the movement, we get a lot of movement. We get a lot of feedback from this. 1.) Proprio - information from within body 2.) Kines - movement thesis - the sense of *CLOSED-LOOP CONTROL SYSTEMS- the reason is closed loop because it is feedback, it is based on the feedback of what the executive (the brain) is getting to it what to do. The executive makes the choice, but based on the feedback. DON’T BE CONFUSED WITH THE CLOSE SKILL. Ex. Thermostat, furnace to the wire analogy a.) a motor control system that operates on sensory information (feedback) provided to the effector system and back to the executive again. b.) uses many sources of sensory information c.) are flexible and adaptable- can jump from your horse to your bike, you make a decision to change your position so you are more efficient. d.) limited by processing speed - is reduced because individual is doing two things at one so they reduced the speed of both. Ex biking while texting
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2 *A small amount of practice, the skill is well-learned in the athlete can be beneficial to just focus on one stream. Ex. Volleyball practice with basketball- it changes the feeling of how they
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EXB102lecfeb25 - 1 EXB102 LECTURE THURSDAY Reading Magill...

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