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1 EXB102 LECTURE 12- Tuesday, February 16 th 2010 Reading: Cox. Ch14 Discussion: Olympics, death of young elite luger. Luge (on their back, feet first) and Skelton (direction head first) Why are older people competing in Olympics- we are more knowledgeable to train them: nutrition, medical treatment. Tragedy: 21 year old in elite (ranked 44 th in the world) luge killed, how do you deal with it so it doesn’t affect your performance, his friend couldn’t compete, that’s ok. Luge is one of the oldest winter sports. Pressure from luge community, to build track faster to keep up with x-games. 3pt shot was invented because of television, media really affects. Is there such thing as a host country effect or advantage? AUDIENCE EFFECTS AUDIENCE INFLUENCE- does the audience have an influence? ABSOULETLY!!! There is a lot of anecdotal evidence- people have witnessed this and coaches too. All sport being social, compete against other people? a.) Spectator Influence- aggie pack game does spectator has an influence? Something to be aware of! b.) Home Court Advantage- YES! There is a home court advantage . There is influence on the mere PRESENCE of the audiences- people are just there, around other people- still an influence even if they are not watching. (=other people are watching) i.) social reinforcement- the influence of others can evaluate you (example-told jugglers that world class jugglers are watching them in the back row and it changed how they juggle, their performance DECREASE just by being told there were world class jugglers in there) c.)Basking in Reflected Glory (BIRG)- psych professor Midwestern football school, go into his 600 class psych class after football weekend, count the number of students who were wearing school-related logo gear. * Research found that on the MONDAY after the football win, more undergraduate students were wearing school-related logo gear after a football for a win, more than a loss. (school culture about sport is different in every school) Why call it basking in reflected glory? -the win and losses of team can influence the mood on campus -pronouns people used: “WE beat”….team lose= “They” lost… -we as humans don’t want to associate with losers because we are social beings. -sport allows us to associate ourselves with people who are successful.
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2 SOCIAL FACILITATION Triplett (1897) Cyclists in 3 conditions- a.) 1 st condition- the cyclist competed against the clock b.) 2 nd condition- the cyclist competed with a teammate, in cycling, you draft and work with each other to get the person across the finish line in the fastest time. c.) 3 rd condition- competition head to head, me racing you. *Which condition was the fastest condition? -The competition condition, why?
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EXB102TUESFEB16LEC - 1 EXB102 LECTURE 12- Tuesday, February...

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