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1 EXB102 Lecture, February 9-11, 2010 Reading: Cox Ch.4 Super bowl- most watched show in history MOTIVATION WHAT IS MOTIVATION? -The intensity and direction of behavior Intensity- degree of effort put forth (how motivated are you) Direction- approaches or avoids a situation (you can be highly motivated towards something or highly motivated away from something- think of these as dimensions.) INTRINSIC MOTIVATION Definition: -what drives you to do something? It is the love of doing something, what gets you excited in doing something? Example- why is snowboarding intrinsically motivating for you? –it’s fun, its adventurous, you get aroused, enjoyment, self-challenging (tricks), social, nice view, etc…They get to eat a lot of simple sugars- have to put fuel in the furnace. a.) Feeling of competency- I feel confident in doing the skill. b.) Self-determination (freedom of choice- I got to choose it, makes sense why I enjoy it more!) c.) Feeling of self-worth is valued - achieving the things I like to do, I learned to snowboard… Factors effecting Intrinsic Motivation (on exam) 1.) Control- when individuals feel like they have control over the choice of their activities that increases their intrinsic motivation. Control is important to us humans. 2.) Information- what can information gets put out in the world for doing this thing? Example- stampede shirt- why give it out? Because it is a part of their identity, they made it!
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EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION Definition- this is the motivation that comes to us from outside of us, from external sources, this is basically how society runs- people give out grades for your effort, people give you a paycheck for a job…Society would come to a halt if this no longer works with humans. Factors effecting EM 1.) Recognition, Rewards- -recognition: dean’s list, commencement booklet, magna & cumma lau dae -rewards: clear evidence- reward systems REDUCE intrinsic motivation (so when you integrate or establish a reward system, you are increasing the likelihood that you will REDUCE IM) Ex- received money for good grades- for what? What are parents rewarding? Following directions, doing your homework? So if you truly want to IM increase for learning, don’t recommend giving money to kids Ex. Research with kindergarten and coloring, amount of time spent coloring on their own, no adult’s interventions or anything (operational definition), they then introduced a reward system; give them a nickel- amount of time coloring was reduced, WHY? They won’t stay engage in coloring even when they knew they will get a nickel. A nickel for every completed photo. (money is an EM) 2.) Endorsements, Championships -money changed our motivation in our culture -care about the money and television time, they get more sponsorship in their sport when the TV and advertisers are in there. The salary gets raised. REWARDS
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MOTIVATIONfeb911 - 1 EXB102 Lecture February 9-11 2010...

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