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FST3 Midterm1 and 2 notes - 1 FST3 Midterm 1 Clues/Notes...

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1 FST3 Midterm 1 Clues/Notes Handout 1: Tuesday, January 5 th 2010 1.) What does Husk (or hull) do? a.) It stays behind to form a filter-bed in the brewing. 2.) What does aleurone make? a.) It is able to make enzymes. 3.) What is micropyle for? a.) It is little intact where water can enter. 4.) Why do we need to give yeast oxygen? a.) So yeast can make its membrane to synthesize . 5.) What reacts to produce Melanoidins (color)? a.) Sugars and amino acids 6.) How many bottles every minute are packaged into bottling? a.) 1,500 bottles every minute. *Reading: pg50-59 What was used by Molson? Answer: In most breweries, the next stage involves the whirlpool used by the Molson Company in Canada. Handout 2: Thursday, January 7 th 2010: 1.) What should not be in beer if you got Celiac disease? a.) Answer: Wheat, protein, probably barley protein. b.) That is why there is interesting Sorghum based beer because they don’t contain the proteins that celiac people are sensitive to. 2.) What are adjuncts? a.) Answer: It is an alternative source of carbohydrates or sugar for used in brewing. 50% on the grist, usually no more than 20 or 30% of the grist.
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2 3.) What are husk? (Or the hull) a.) Answer: Traditional brewery system- it is the filter bed for which you will collect liquid in the brew house. Side-note- On the 2 row barley, there is more grain on the left hand side than the right
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FST3 Midterm1 and 2 notes - 1 FST3 Midterm 1 Clues/Notes...

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