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1 Study guide for final exam SAS5: Science, Society and Disease LECTURE 19 1.) In what way(s) do Hollywood movies often exaggerate when they feature infectious diseases? a.) Tourette’s syndrome: profanities b.) Cancer: often terminal with no cure mentioned c.) Psychiatric disorders: portrayed as psychotic killers hearing “voice” telling them to kill people. 2.) During WWII, the US Coordinator of Inter‐American Affairs (CIAA) commissioned several animated shorts from Disney, for example ‘The unseen enemy’ and ‘The winged scourge’. Who was CIAA showing these shorts to, and for what purpose? a.) Shown to teenager and young adults b.) Ordered by the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (CIAA) to counter German propaganda aimed at South America i.) Help neighboring countries help themselves ii.) Make those countries think better of the U.S. and its allies iii.) Secure access to war materials such as tin, rubber, and quinine 3.) ‘VD Attack Plan’ is a 1973 animated Disney movie that informs teenagers and young adults about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. What clever trick did Disney use to make this in essence a timeless movie? a.) Disney’s clever twist: focus on animated germs i.) syphilis ( Treponema pallidum) ii.) gonorrhea (Neisseria gonorrhoeae ) 4.) Match the following Oscar‐winning actors with the disease/condition they dealt with in the movie that got them the Oscar: 1) Tom Hanks (Philadelphia) - AIDS A) autism 2) Russell Crowe (A beautiful mind)- paranoid schizophrenia B) cerebral palsy 3) Dustin Hoffman (Rain man)- autism C) paranoid schizophrenia 4) Daniel Day‐Lewis (My left foot)- cerebral palsy D) AIDS ___________________________________________________________________________ LECTURE 20 5.) What is the original meaning of the word stigma? Can you give an example of a stigma in the original sense of the word? Word of Greek/Latin origin: ‘A mark made with a pointed instrument- to mark slaves and punish criminals a.) An example- scarlet letter, women were branded in a way with the letter A= adultery- it let people know that did stuff not appropriate.
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2 6.) What is one of the alternative names for the disease that is best known as leprosy? US Public Health Service adopted the name ‘Hansen’s disease’ in 1948. 7.) Hansen was a Norwegian doctor who discovered the bacterium Mycobacterium leprae, the causative agent of leprosy. Describe the incident that got him in trouble , and that was related to his inability to find a good model organism for studying this pathogenic bacterium . Hansen had difficulty growing the bacterium in lab, so he wanted to test on humans. He put the more severe form in the patient and he didn’t consent from his patients, but they didn’t get sick. a.) Hansen took a biopsy from the skin of a patient’s nose large number of rod-
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Study guide for final exam SAS5 - 1 Study guide for final...

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