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1 CMN135 LECTURE NOTES FOR MIDTERM 2 1.) Context/Environment Fixed Feature Elements- harder to change; include architectural features such as size and volume of space and the materials used in the environment. Think about the different style of home in which you have been. Some have low ceilings; others have cathedral-style ceilings. Some homes haves have a lot of open place; others have more defined barriers between different rooms. Some homes use brick; others use woods, stone, or synthetic materials. All of these features help set the stage for the interaction that occurs within a given environment. 1. Spatial Organization 2. Size or Volume 3. Materials used in the Environment Semi-Fixed Feature Elements- the movable, changeable features of the environment. These elements include how you arrange things (such as classroom desks), how you use artifact or objects (such as the place mats, candles, and flowers) and how you use light, color, temperature, and noise (such as dimming the lights, lighting, the fire, and turning on music.). 1. Arrangement of Objects and Artifacts 2. Selection of Objects and Artifacts 3. Light and Shade 4. Color Environmental Elements 1. Color 2. Lighting 2. Movable Objects 3. Structure and Design 2 .) Physical Attractiveness Study on elementary students -Teachers interacted with less attractive student -See them as more… 1.) Intelligent 2.) Socially adept 3.) More positive attitude towards school 4.) Higher education potential -Teachers that told them were bright outperformed the other group -Less attractiveness- you are not going to grow out of it, than you are a bad kid. Physically attractive persons exceed unattractive persons on evaluations of: Success Personality Popularity
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2 Sociability Sexuality Persuasiveness Unattractive hospital patients in hospitals are reportedly: Visited less Remain hospitalized longer Are judged less pleasant Are less involved with others Physical attractiveness is associated with negative traits as well: Vanity Egotism Snobbishness Unsympathetic attitudes towards oppressed people Greater likelihood to have marital problems Physical Attractiveness on the Job Obtaining a job Promotions Being hired at a higher salary Physical Attractiveness and Persuasion Persuader seeks compliance on relatively low ego-involving topics The persuasion involves relatively short, perhaps one-time request The effects of initial impressions are crucial to achieving influence Physical Attractiveness and Anti-Social Behavior If convicted, are likely to receive shorter sentence Attractiveness is a liability if jury believes the attractiveness was used to commit the crime Personal liability suits, physically attractive defendants awarded more money (there was
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