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BIS2A Notes - Be sure that you put your name and section...

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Unformatted text preview: Be sure that you put your name and section number and student number on the scantron. THIS IS TEST FORM B. FILL IN THE APPROPRIATE BUBBLE ON THE SCANTRON. Also, be sure that you put your name and section number and student number on the last 2 pages of the exam; these will be separated from the rest of the exam for grading. This test is to reflect your work only . As a student at UC Davis, you are assumed to be familiar with, and have agreed to a code of conduct. This code forbids: Receiving or providing unauthorized assistance on examinations or using unauthorized materials during an examination Plagiarism - using materials from sources without citations or altering an exam and submitting it for re-grading If you are found to be in violation of this code, you will be referred to Judicial affairs. If nothing else, the study of biology gives you a sense of perspective about your place in the world: 1 QuickTime and a TIFF (Uncompressed) decompressor are needed to see this picture. 1. One of the problems with trying to figure out how life started on Earth >3.8 billion years ago or how life might start on another planetis trying to precisely define life. Which of these is NOT a characteristic of a universal definition of life? a) self-replication b) use of energy from the environment c) evolution d) heritability e) protein enzymesvery much a feature of life ON EARTH 2. Before recognizable life existed on earth, there was an active and interesting chemical environment. Which of these is NOT helpful in developing and testing hypotheses about the prebiotic earth? a) examination of planets other than Earth b) analysis of the chemistry and geology of extremely old rocks c) laboratory experiments d) analysis of ssu rRNA sequencesonly useful in interpreting life after translation e) all of the above are useful for understanding prebiotic chemistry 3. One of the critical requirements for life is catalysis. What role do catalysts play in chemical reactionsand in life? a) they change the G for the reactions b) they reduce activation energy for specific reactions c) they can couple specific spontaneous and non-spontaneous reactions d) b and c ENZYMES DO NOT CHANGE G. e) all of the above 4. A probable early step in the history of life was compartmentalizationwhether in spontaneously forming vesicles or in porous minerals. Why was (and is) this of great significance? a) it allows chemical reactions to go faster by concentrating reactants b) it allows natural selection c) it forces life to develop mobility d) it clearly defined life versus non-life 5. Amphipathic molecules (which can form under prebiotic conditions) will spontaneously form micelles and vesicles, which are highly organized structures. The formation of these structures clearly increases order (and decreases entropy), yet it is spontaneous. Why?...
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BIS2A Notes - Be sure that you put your name and section...

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