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midterm_1_study_guide - Midterm 1 Study Guide PSC 141/HD...

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Midterm 1 Study Guide PSC 141/HD 101 Spring 2007 General tips: There will be 50 multiple choice questions Bring a scantron (blue UCD) Focus your studying on: 1. material that was covered in lecture AND the book 2. material covered in lecture only 3. material in the textbook only Be familiar with the research studies discussed in lecture—the design, results, and conclusions we can draw from the study Be prepared to apply what you have learned about concepts to new situations or examples There will be more questions on brain development and Piaget than the other topics The following is meant to help guide your studying efforts. This is not necessarily an exhaustive list of what will appear on your midterm. Introduction to Cognitive Development Historical perspectives (Associationist, Constructivist, competent infant) Development as continuous or discontinuous (stages)—what characterizes stage theories vs. continuity theories Bronfenbrenner’s sociocultural theory
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