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Midterm 2 Sample Questions (answers below) 1. A paper by Bellugi and colleagues (1992) describes an eighteen-year-old woman with an IQ over two standard deviations below normal. The woman tells her father what it was like to have an MRI of her brain: “There is a huge machine. It took a picture inside the brain… After it’s done, they show you your brain on a computer… Oh, and it was very exciting!” Such a high degree of language proficiency is not common for someone with such a low IQ. This young woman most likely has a genetic condition known as ___. a. Down Syndrome b. Williams Syndrome c. Autism d. Edward’s Syndrome 2. Leslie is trying to learn how to spell the word Mississippi. She repeats the letters to herself over and over again “M-I-S-S-I-S-S-I-P-P-I.” Leslie is using the memory strategy known as ___.
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