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Psc 141/Humand Dev. 101 Midterm 2 Study Guide Please bring a blue UC Davis scantron to the exam. I. Perceptual Development a. Vision i. Structures of the eye 1. rods and cones 2. retina 3. fovea ii. monocular cues iii. binocular cues iv. color vision—when it develops, infant vision vs. adult vision v. visual cliff paradigm (Campos) vi. research using habituation b. audition i. perception of speech/sounds 1. Eimas study ii. development of speech perception 1. DeCasper study iii. Localization of sounds II. Language development a. Skinner vs. Chomsky b. Language milestones c. Common language errors (overextension, underextension) d. Infant-directed speech e. Fast mapping f. Markman’s constraints on word learning
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Unformatted text preview: g. Symbolic gesture research h. Risley and Hart’s research i. Phonology j. Semantics k. Prosody l. Pragmatics m. Syntax III. Memory Development a. Verbatim vs. gist information b. Stereotypes and memory (Sam Stone study) c. Infantile amnesia d. Memory strategies e. Metacognitive knowledge f. Memory for traumatic events IV. Content knowledge a. Developmental progression of memory V. Conceptual Knowledge a. How young children form categories (on what basis) b. Prototypes c. Core theories d. Time concept development e. Concepts of space f. Number concept g. Biology concept...
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midterm_2_studyguide - g Symbolic gesture research h Risley...

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