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Name ___Key______________________________________ MIDTERM KEY HDE 110, CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN FAMILY Multiple Choice: Choose the best answer for each (1/2 point each). 1. In family science, Research data (by itself) provides _________ about families. a. Knowledge b. Nothing c. Understanding d. Vindication 2. According to the 2005 American Community Survey (discussed in class), for the first time in U.S. history the percentage of households headed by Married couples has dropped below: a. 30% b. 40% c. 50% d. 60% 3. ____________ are the most common stressors couples and families face. a. Diet issues b. Financial issues c. Religious issues d. Sexual issues 4. The nuclear family is an example of: a. a conjugal family system. b. a consanguineal family system. c. a matrilocal family system. d. a patrilineal family system. 5. Your textbook authors, using Ashley Montagu’s (1964) work, argued that the term race a. cannot be scientifically justified. b. evolved out of a background of prejudice. c. obscures ethnic similarities. d. all the above 6. From a family systems theory perspective, when a child of a single parent constantly gets in trouble at school, a. the child has the problem. b. the teacher has the problem. c. everybody in the family (including the noncustodial parent) has the problem. d. Family systems theory does not apply, since school problems are outside the family’s boundaries. 7. Which of the following is an example of commitment from the family strengths model? 1
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Name ___Key______________________________________ a. being task oriented b. camping, canoeing, or hiking as a family c. faith in God d. sexual fidelity 8. Qualities that are consistently identified as characteristics of strong families cluster into three categories: a. cohesion, flexibility, communication b. commitment, concern, connectedness c. compromise, respect, communication d. passion, commitment, friendship 9. What would a family scientist who uses an Evolutionary Framework say about Flexibility in families? a. Change is useful when a family has a successful reproductive strategy. b. Change is useful when survival conditions remain constant. c. Stability is useful when survival conditions change. d. Stability is useful when a family has a successful reproductive strategy. 10. A double bind is occurring in which of these situation(s)? a. a father communicates only verbally with his child b. there is a discrepancy between a mother's verbal and nonverbal communication to her child c. a sister repeats her own verbal message without paraphrasing her brother's message d. a grandmother sends a consistent verbal and nonverbal message to her grandchild 11. Which of the following includes the ability to express feelings to a partner?
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midterm_key - Name_Key_ MIDTERM KEY HDE 110, CONTEMPORARY...

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