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Midterm Review Sheet HDE 110: Contemporary American Family Family Science (Appendix B) Know that Research provides Knowledge and Understand how knowledge in Family Science is based in: Purpose of the research Theoretical & researcher Perspectives Research Methods Format of Presentation Be able to describe how Theories provide Understanding from research knowledge Perspectives on Intimate Relationships (Chapter 1) Be able to name and describe the three Textbook Themes: Intimacy, Strengths and Diversity Essay : Give your definition of Family and compare it to the textbooks’ definition and the ideas about the definition discussed in class. Justify your perspective for what the definition should include and exclude. Be able to name and describe elements of continuity and change of Families o Commitments, strengths and interests o Family structures Be able to define: family, cohabitation, marriage, domestic partnership Be able to name and describe what people share in marriages and families. Be able to name and describe Current Trends that appear to be Challenges to marriages and families (according to the textbook) o Describe the instructor’s view on these current trends Diversity (Chapter 2) Be able to define: culture, race, ethnicity, kinship, cultural identity, nuclear family, extended family, conjugal family, consanguineal family, acculturation, assimilation, and segregation.
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  • Summer '07
  • MichaelRahilly
  • Nuclear family, Family systems theory, Communication Family Strengths, American Family Family, interests Family structures

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