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HDE130- finalstudtyguide - For Each Disorder Covered in...

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For Each Disorder Covered in Class: Chapter 5, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14 · Symptoms ·Development ·Diagnosis ·Preventive Intervention & Treatment Approaches ·Prognosis Disorders A.) Substance Abuse Disorder – Chapter 5 1.) Symptoms- Alcohol Abuse Symptoms: (Note: children who abuse alcohol do not develop a disorder, but mothers who consume alcohol during pregnancy may cause the child to develop a disorder.) I.) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: causes physical abnormalities Widely spaced eyes with short eyelid openings A small head: suggesting that the brain is not fully developed Thin upper lip Small upturned nose II.) Often suffer from mental retardation Poor motor coordination Deficits of memory, attention, and language III.) Fetal Alcohol Effects: Mild symptoms of alcohol syndrome, not as severe Note: Severity of symptoms are based on the amount of alcohol consumed during pregnancy and at what stage of pregnancy the mother is in when abusing alcohol. Although doctors have not yet solidify a time when it is safe for a pregnant woman to drink. I.) Symptoms- Alcohol use in adolescents has always been high, but is increasing among young women: Heavy drinking pregnancy can produce lasting affects such as fetal alcohol syndrome, which affects physical and cognitive development: a.)Physical facial abnormalities (widely spaced eyes, small head, short eyelid openings, thin upper lip, small upturned nose b.) Cognitive abnormalities (mental retardation, poor motor coordination, memory deficits, attention and adjustment problems) Cigarettes and Marijuana: Smoking regularly during pregnancy can affect prenatal and child development Low birth weight can cause slow learning through childhood
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Miscarriage or premature birth Breathing abnormalities, infant death, and childhood cancer Amphetamines:
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