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1 Mic102/Fa08/Appleman Quiz 3, 19 November 2008 This quiz is to represent only your own work . As a UC Davis student, you are bound by an honor code; if you can’t be trusted with that, can you be trusted in a career in, say, the health professions? Not only does this honor code demand personal integrity, but it also requires you to demand integrity from your peers. This quiz is closed book, closed note. Please hand in a blue scantron with the answers to the multiple choice section of the quiz. Make sure that it has your name, student I.D.#, and “ Test form A ” filled in. You will also need to hand in the last two pages of this quiz, with your name on each. This report, from October of this year, is pretty amazing. Bacteria and Archaea can be found everywhere, but this is a remarkable case: 2.8 km down, in the water that seeps through broken rocks in the earth’s crust. It’s dark, anaerobic, hot (60 ° C), and a major source of energy seems to be hydrogen, produced when the radioactive decay of uranium breaks up water molecules. The name “ audaxviator ” means “bold traveler,” and is taken from Jules Verne’s Journey to the Center of the Earth . Bold traveler has not been grown in the laboratory, but its genome has been sequenced. This tells us a lot about how it is able to live where it does.
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2 1. The genome of bold traveler is a single circular DNA 2,349,476 base pairs in length. It is predicted to have 2295 genes. Every one of those predicted genes would be associated with a) a Shine-Dalgarno site b) a promoter—not all genes are translated, but all genes are transcribed. c) a rho-indpendent terminator (self-complimentary sequence, followed by a string of “T” bases) d) a stop codon 2. Even though bold traveler has never been grown in the lab, many of the ORFs in the bold traveler genome have predicted functions assigned to them. Which of these characteristics is most useful in predicting a function for an ORF? a) gene length b) gene location —this is moderately useful, but not as useful as (c). c) homology to a characterized gene in a model organism d) regulatory sequences associated with the ORF —this is moderately useful, but not as useful as (c) 3. Bold traveler has predicted genes (for example, a sulfate reductase) that are apparently acquired from Archaea. How could bold traveler have acquired Archaeal genes? a) Bold traveler has genes for competence, so it could be transformed by “naked” DNA in its environment b) bold traveler is a predator, attacking and swallowing Archaeal cells— not really possible for an organism with a cell wall. c) during syntrophy with an Archaean, H2 and genes are exchanged— no. d) all of the above
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quiz3akey - Mic102/Fa08/Appleman Quiz 3, 19 November 2008...

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