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APA Citations of Online Sources Generally, you should cite all information needed to properly identify the source for the reader and enable him to find the article you are citing. This will include the author, date of information, title of article/page, title of periodical (or the organization which posted the page), date retrieved, and web address. If no date is given on the page, use the abbreviation n.d . in parentheses. Example of online article from print periodical: Smith, J. & Jones, M. (2001, July). Role of volunteers in psychiatric hospitals. [Electronic version]. Journal of Psychiatric Nursing, 5, 117-123. Example of online article from an organization, when no individual author is shown: Parents of special needs students. (n.d.).
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Unformatted text preview: Being your child’s best advocate in public education . Retrieved October 5, 2001, from http://www.parentsofsns/ advocate.html [note: if a web address is too long to fit on one line, divide it after a slash or before a period] Example of online article from a university website: Roberts, D. (1999). Teaching web-based research in the high school classroom. Retrieved November 19, 2001, from Southwest Missouri State University, Teacher Education Web site: http://www.smsu.edu/teacher/web-basedresearch.htm Example of online source with no author or organization shown: ADD policies in public schools . (2001, January). Retrieved December 26, 2002, from http://www.add_public/article.html...
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