Quiz 4 - Quiz 4 (WK4) 1. Evaluate and describe four...

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Quiz 4 (WK4) 1.   Evaluate and describe four characteristics common to all organizations.  (Points: 2) 1. Group of people 2. Working together 3. In some concerted or coordinated effort to 4. Obtain objectives 2. A major advantage of _____ structure is the relative ease with which project members can move back into the functional organization, ( P. 189 ). (Points: 1) line service staff project matrix 3. The scalar principle states that authority in the organization flows through the chain of managers rather than the actions of employees, ( P. 165 ). (Points: 1) True False 4. Describe at least four items that are involved in implementing empowerment? (Points: 1) Provide the education and training necessary to enable people to respond to opportunities for improvement. Emphasize a change throughout the organization that focuses on empowerment and personal accountability for delivering results. Reduce to a minimum the number of hard rules for the organization. Whenever possible, restructure organizational units to be smaller, less complex, and less dependent on other units for decision making and action. 5. The unity of command principle states that an employee should have one, and only one, immediate manager, ( P. 165 ). (Points: 1) True False 6. What is flattening when referring to an organization's structure? Would the organization that is the subject of your research paper benefit from a "flattening"? Why or
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Quiz 4 - Quiz 4 (WK4) 1. Evaluate and describe four...

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