Overview (WK8)

Overview (WK8) - carrying inventory, just-in-time...

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Week 8: Operations Control (May 3 - May 9) Help Overview, Objectives, and Weekly Activities Week 8 Overview This we we will discuss operations control. Operations control deals with the "detailed" management of production costs, quality improvements, standards, inventory, and ordering. We will review chapters 1 - 20, lectures, discussions, self-checks, quizzes, mid-term results, and the research paper in preparation of the summative proctored final examination. We will also have a cumulative final discussion. The Objectives - Evaluate and analyze operations control - Understand the basic requirements for controlling operating cost - Explain design quality, quality assurance, total quality, and continuous improvement - Discuss
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Unformatted text preview: carrying inventory, just-in-time inventory, ABC classification and economic order quality-Conduct a thorough individual review of chapters 1 - 20, lectures, discussions, self-checks, quizzes, mid-term, and research paper-Successful complete the summative proctored final examination-Participation in cumulative class discussions _________________________ Denotes a Core Learning Outcome! Weekly Activities What to Do. .. 1. Read - The Text Chapter twenty - "Operations Control" 2. Lecture - Interact with the Lecture 3. Discussion - Participate with the Class 4. Conduct Self-Check Use this self administer review to evaluate progress and understanding. 5. Take the Quiz 6. Take - Final Proctored Examination...
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Overview (WK8) - carrying inventory, just-in-time...

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