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Overview (WK3) - responsible manager An organization...

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Week 3:  International Business, Planning and Strategic Management (Mar 29 - Apr 4)     Help         Overview, Objectives, and Weekly Activities   Week 3 Overview This week we will study international business, the basics of planning, and strategic management. All managers, but especially senior managers, need to keep a pulse on the ebb and flow of international business and its potential impact on the goods produced or services provided by their organizations. Basic planning is a process of deciding what objectives an organization will undertake at some future date. Strategic planning is conducted at the highest organizational level, over longer periods of time (3 - 5 years) and establishes the vision, overall direction, and meta goals. Where we are headed: Next week we move on to a discussion of organizing work, structure, and understanding work groups and teams. Organizing work involves the grouping of "like" job activities to accomplish goals. Each activity is under the purview of a single authorized and
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Unformatted text preview: responsible manager. An organization structure, commonly referred to as a hierarchy, outlines the framework in which work activities are accomplished. This structure is depicted graphically by means of an organizational chart. Work teams are established by management in order to complete specific projects. Not all projects require work teams. The Objectives-Compare and contrast planning and strategic management-Define planning and distinguish between formal and functional plans-Define strategy and explain the various levels of strategies-Explain the differences between missions, objectives, policies, procedures and rules-Discuss the components of a SWOT analysis-Discuss international business-Explain why countries trade with each other-Describe the strategies organizations use to compete in the global economy Denotes a Core Learning Outcome!...
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Overview (WK3) - responsible manager An organization...

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