Overview (WK2)

Overview (WK2) - the highest organizational level and...

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Week 2:  Decision Making, Ethical, Social, and Legal Responsibilities (Mar 22 - Mar 28)     Help         Overview, Objectives, and Weekly Activities   Week 2 Overview This week we will study decision-making and the ethical, social, and legal responsibilities of management. Decision-making ability can be the difference between good management and so-so management. Our discussion will then turn to the myriad of laws imposed on companies and corporations. There are also ethical responsibilities that an organization may be obligated to follow. Lastly, we will study the responsibilities of management for those its serves and the communities in which it operates. Where we are headed: Next week we move to areas related to international business, the basics of planning and strategic management. Basic planning is a process of deciding what objectives an organization will undertake at some future date. Strategic planning is conducted at the
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Unformatted text preview: the highest organizational level and establishes the vision, overall direction, and meta goals. Strategic planning is conducted in the 3 to 5 year timeframe. All managers, but especially senior managers, need to keep a pulse on the ebb and flow of international business and its potential impact on the goods or services their organization produces or provides. The Objectives- Identify decision making skills- Identify legal, ethical, and social responsibilities-Describe four social responsibility strategies-Distinguish between programmed and nonprogrammed decisions-Discuss two rational approaches to decision making-List the six stages of decision making-Identify the six areas of law that affect business organizations-Explain a code of ethics and social responsibility _________________________ Denotes a Core Learning Outcome!...
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Overview (WK2) - the highest organizational level and...

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