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Overview (WK1) - operates The Objectives-Recognize the...

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Week 1:  Diverse Workplace, Movement, and Communication Skills (Mar 15 - Mar 28)     Help         Overview, Objectives, and Weekly Activities   Week 1 Overview This week we will study an introduction to management, the management movement, and developing communications skills at a treetop level. The first week provides a general overview of management. The management movement, through its relatively brief history, will be surveyed and key contributors will be highlighted. Finally, we will discuss a "soft skill" that every effective manager needs; interpersonal communications. Where we are headed: Next week we move to more specific areas decision-making and the ethical, social and legal responsibilities of management. Decision-making ability can be the difference between good management and so-so management. The discussion will then turn to the myriad of laws that impact companies and corporate. Lastly, we will study the responsibilities of management for those its serves and the communities in which it
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Unformatted text preview: operates. The Objectives-Recognize the importance of management in one's everyday life and describe how management impacts organizations and society-Identify effective communication skills-Define management and explain the managerial significance of "effectiveness" and "efficiency"-List the five basic functions (tasks) of management-Describe the levels of management-Explain how principles of management are developed-Discuss the increasing role of women and minorities in management-Explain diversity-Define scientific management, and outline the role Frederick W. Taylor and his contemporaries play in its development-Summarize Henri Fayol's contributions to modern management-Discuss the human relations thrust in management, with emphasis on the role of the Hawthorne experiments-Describe the interpersonal communication process-Discuss two factors that complicate communications in international business activities. _________________________ Denotes a Core Learning Outcome!...
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Overview (WK1) - operates The Objectives-Recognize the...

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