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Lecture (WK6) - Lecture (WK6) Developing Leadership Skills...

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Lecture (WK6) Developing Leadership Skills Leadership and management are equal facilitators to a common end (organization’s vision and goals) and can be situation dependent. Leadership is anchored in power and authority and good leaders can get others to do things they might not normally do. Effective leadership in organizations creates a vision of the future that considers the legitimate long-term interests of the parties involved in the organization, develops a strategy for moving toward that vision, enlists the support of employees to produce the movement, and motivates employees to implement the strategy. Management as we have discussed, is executing the processes of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling with formal authority. Leadership studies have traditionally centered on trait theory and leadership principles. Trait theory works to outline traits unique to leaders as opposed to followers. Leadership principles generally deal with activities that good leaders follow. There are three leadership styles; autocratic, democratic, and laissez-faire. Some academics note that the democratic leadership is the most effective; however, recent research has shown that is not necessarily true. In most cases one would probably find that some combination of the three styles is effective dependent on the situation. Successful organizations incorporate leadership skill development for its managers. Key Developing Leadership Skills Concepts As with any subject, understanding some key fundamental characterizations can be beneficial. The following presentation will cover some key terms, concepts, and characteristics related to developing leadership skills. Click Here to Access a Key Terms and Concepts Presentation
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Lecture (WK6) - Lecture (WK6) Developing Leadership Skills...

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