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Lecture (WK3) - Lecture (WK3) International Business Todays...

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Lecture (WK3) International Business Today’s managers must understand the benefits and threats of international business. In the United States, from Maine to California, empty buildings and entire industries have been eliminated by overseas competition. As consumers, there is virtually nothing that cannot be obtained from throughout the world; moreover, today’s consumers expect access to global markets, services, and products. Globalization has a direct impact on management. Political decisions have been made and continue to be made, with the realization that competing in a global economy is critical to the balance of trade and foreign exchange rates. International trade can benefit the countries involved; however, domestic producers may suffer. In the economy of the 21 st century, doing business globally will increase exponentially. Successful management will harness and position their organizations to take full advantage of the global market in terms of labor, resources, products, and services. Key International Business Concepts
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Lecture (WK3) - Lecture (WK3) International Business Todays...

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