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Groupwork (WK5) - Groupwork (WK5) JoiBascomb 12Apr10...

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Groupwork (WK5) Joi Bascomb 12 Apr 10   Groupwork As a reminder,  individually  you are to post two recommendations with explanations  by  Friday  and  as a group  a final decision must be posted  by Sunday  responding to the  following questions: What consultant/company did your IPT select? Why did your team  select this consultant/company? What would your IPT say to the boss, NCICC  committee members, and peers to sell them on using this particular consultant or  company? Briefly discuss how the selected consultant or company might enhance  training and development with a group of employees at the various IPT members  present or past organizations? As with all assignments please list each question to be  followed by your group's response.   As an integrated product team, conduct a internet research field trip. .. Rue and Byars, provides an overview of ways to develop employees and managers. One, broad method is to train and develop personnel "off the job". It is Monday morning, and your boss heard that all the
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Groupwork (WK5) - Groupwork (WK5) JoiBascomb 12Apr10...

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