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Discussion (WK8) - Discussion(WK8 Light at the End of the...

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Discussion (WK8) Light at the End of the Tunnel "as the course nears completion" Consider the aggregate of the principles you have learned over the past few weeks. How has learning about the principles of management helped your understanding about the organizations that you deal with on a daily basis? Do you have a better understanding of the aspects related to communications, international business, management responsibilities, planning, organizing, staffing, leading, developing, motivating, controlling, appraising and rewarding? Based on what you learned, do you plan to advocate change? Do you feel more capable of dealing with organizational challenges? After taking this course would you approach organizational problems and management issues differently? Explain. Any parting comments or suggestions? Ron_Knapp_D8.doc
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Light at the End of the Tunnel (1)  How has learning about the principles of management helped your  understanding about the organizations that you deal with on a daily basis? I knew the principles of management was their when I was in the military and in the  civilian sector. After taking this class, I did not know that that the four main principles to  sense to study the strengths and weaknesses of your employees and then turn around  and provide training to improve your employee’s performance. In some cases a may be  just a monthly counseling or a quarterly performance write up to let them know where 
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Discussion (WK8) - Discussion(WK8 Light at the End of the...

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