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Discussion (WK7) - Discussion (WK7) Controlling As noted by...

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Discussion (WK7) Controlling As noted by Rue and Byars, Management: Skills and Application the Malcolm Baldrige Award is used to encourage efforts to improve quality and recognize the quality achievements of U. S. companies. Five awards are given annually in each of the following categories: manufacturing, service, small business, education and health care. Visit and thoroughly review the Malcolm Baldrige Award Website : Click Here to Access the Malcolm Baldrige Awards Website Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award Please answer the following questions as a basis for further discussion with your peers.  What are the Malcolm Baldridge National Quality Awards and could an organization that  you have been associated with apply with a chance of winning? How do they relate to  quality operations control by management with your current organization or one that you  have been employed with in the past?  Read some of the profiles and award applications for organizations that were 2009  award recipients (BNQP Community - Award Recipients)? Which award made the most  impression on you? Answer the following questions about the award that most  impressed you. How was the award recipient able to get their organization and people to  function better? What quality improvement activities did award winner use to move their  organization toward success? How did they measure quality? How was this organization  able to achieve excellence when others faltered?  Malcolm Baldridge award winner are benchmarks in their industries and for other  Ron_Knapp_D7.doc
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businesses. Benchmark, in this case, means a point of reference for measuring quality  excellence.  Would you be able to apply any of activities used by award winners in your present  organization? Thoroughly explain how. What was the most beneficial item you learned  from this site? Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award
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Discussion (WK7) - Discussion (WK7) Controlling As noted by...

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