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Discussion (WK3) - Discussion(WK3"Planning is the process...

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Discussion (WK3) "Planning is the process of deciding what objectives to pursue during a future time period and what to do to achieve those objectives." (Rue & Byars) To ease into the understanding of planning, let us bring it down to the personal level as outlined in skill exercise 7.2. "One common thread many successful people share is that they developed a sense of direction relatively early in life. At the same time, it is common for people to enter and even graduate from college with little idea of what they want to do. Similarly, many people reach middle age only to ask, 'how did I end up here?' ". As a basis for further discussion. ..develop in outline form, a 10 year plan for your career. Begin with a mission, and then work down the steps listed in the strategic model (beginning on page 141 of Management: Skills and Application). Ensure a SWOT analysis is included. Make the plan as realistic as possible. Be sure to identify the major assumptions and environmental trends on which you based your plan. Week 3 Class Participation Answer the following questions as a basis for further discussions. Configure your response to facilitate discussion, not just a simple list of answers to questions. I am looking for informed and thought-out planning, not something simply from the gut! In addition to education; consider other items like: (1) Relationship - What do you want the state of your relationships to be. Concerning your family -where do you want them to be and how can you help them achieve their goals (i.e., children's college & spouse education goals) (2) Physically - Exercise, weight, and health (3) Spiritually - Where do you want to be? (4) Culturally - Understanding other people and cultures, foreign language development (5) Benefactor - How will you be making the world better for
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Discussion (WK3) - Discussion(WK3"Planning is the process...

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