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Report 1 (WK3) - Report#1 Info(WK3 At the end of week three...

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Report #1 Info (WK3) At the end of week three, a 1200 word report is due that summarizes your research of a company based on its web page, and your idea for a web page of your own. Your report should have two main headings, one titled, A Report on the Product/Services/Promotional Strategies Offered by XYZ Company (select one of the companies to report about from the list below, or one of your own choosing), and the other heading titled, My Own Web Page . For the heading titled, A Report on the product/Services/Promotional Strategies Offered by XYZ company , briefly describe the products/services you found at your favorite company's web site, and indicate what you believe their promotional strategy is (Who they are targeting, what their central message is, what needs are being appealed to, etc.) This section should be about 600 words in length. For the heading titled, My Own Web Page , think about a business you would like to start, and how you would advertise it on your own web page (you can use ideas you obtained from reviewing the following web sites). As you do so, please provide the following
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