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Week 6:  Week 6 (Apr 19 - Apr 25)     Help         Overview, Objectives, and Weekly Activities Week 6: Place and Development of Channel Systems, and Retailers, Wholesalers, and Their Strategy Planning   Synopsis of the Topics for the Week: Discussion topics in the Lecture Area include: strategy decisions in Place and how and why channel systems develop the way they do, various kinds of wholesalers, how and why retailers behave the way they do, retailer size and profits, functions of intermediaries, etc.   Week 6: Weekly Objectives <PAfter working through the instructional materials, activities, and assessments for this week, the student should be able to: Discuss why some firms use direct channel systems while others work with intermediaries and indirect systems. Illustrate how to develop cooperative relationships and avoid conflict in channel systems.
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Unformatted text preview: • Explain scrambled merchandising and the "wheel of retailing." • Generalize why the Internet is impacting both retailing and wholesaling. Readings : • Text: Read Chapters 11 and 13 • Lecture for week 6 Online Discussion Assignment: Read Express Multi Media, page 660, and post to the Discussion Area, your response to the questions at the end of the case. You may provide any other comments you wish. Homework: Answer question # 7 at the end of chapter eleven and question # 17 at the end of chapter thirteen; the internet exercises on page 300 and page 350, and submit them to the Dropbox by clicking on the Dropbox tab at the top of the course frame and choosing Week 6: Activities Student Survey : It is very important that we hear from you concerning your suggestions for improving our course. Please complete the student survey this week....
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