Lecture (WK4)

Lecture (WK4) - Lecture(WK4 ChapterVII Users Influencers...

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Lecture (WK4) Chapter VII BUSINESS AND ORGANIZATIONAL CUSTOMERS  AND THEIR BUYING BEHAVIOR   Business and organizational customers are buyers who buy for resale or to  produce other goods and services   MANY PEOPLE MAY INFLUENCE A DECISION Users Influencers Buyers Deciders Gatekeepers ORGANIZATIONAL BUYERS ARE PROBLEM SOLVERS Three kinds of buying processes:   New task: Organization has a new need -- buyer wants a lot of information Straight rebuy: routine repurchase Modified rebuy: some review is done Organization uses purchasing agents which are buying specialists for their  employees.   They like: information on new goods, price changes, supply shortages, etc.   Most firms have centralized buying   Ron_Knapp_L4.doc
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Buyers consider: total cost of owning and operating, productivity, quality,  maintenance, repair, delivery time, etc.   Behavioral needs are relevant BUYER-SELLER RELATIONSHIPS IN BUSINESS MARKETS Powerful customer can control relationship Buyers like to spread risk by using several sources of suppliers Computer buying is also becoming common and JIT delivery more important
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Lecture (WK4) - Lecture(WK4 ChapterVII Users Influencers...

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