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Lecture (WK3) Chapter V DEMOGRAPHIC DIMENSIONS OF GLOBAL  CONSUMER MARKETS    TARGET MARKETERS FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER   Need to ask three important questions:   What are the relevant segmenting dimensions? How large is the segment? Where is the segment? Demographic dimensions: Involve size, location, and characteristics of target  markets.   PEOPLE WITH $$ MAKE MARKETS US population is less than 5% of the world population US population is becoming more concentrated as people move to industrial/urban areas There is no market when there is no income GNP is best measure What do third world countries need? Healthy diets, etc.    POPULATION TRENDS IN THE US CONSUMER MARKET Our population is growing at less than 1%/yr. Birth rate is declining Average age is rising. See exhibit 5-5 Household composition is changing: 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Nonfamily households are increasing. 25% are single parent households 17% of Americans move each year Ron_Knapp_L3.doc
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MSA==area of 50,000+ CMSA==area of 1,000,000+      INCOME DIMENSIONS OF THE US MARKET
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Lecture (WK3) - Lecture (WK3) ChapterV...

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