Knapp8 - Homework for Week 8

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WEEK 8 CH16, Q7 – Describe the type of media that might be most suitable for promoting: (a) tomato soup, (b) greeting cards, (C) a business component material, and (d) playground equipment. Specify any assumptions necessary to obtain a definite answer, ( Pages 385- 390 ). This is a good idea to sell digital tape recorders, (primary demand). Our brand is the best, (selective demand). Our new digital tape recorder produces the better higher quality recordings than any other brand, (market maturity stage). Some firms may increase promotion to try to slow the cycle, at least temporarily. Such as I could be at the market maturity stage with my digital tape recorder having all the market to myself, until new kinds of markers came along. I would then have to increase my ad spending to urge customers to buy only my digital tape recorder. CH17, Q1 – Identify the strategy decisions a marketing manager must make in the Price area. Illustrate your answer for a local retailer, ( Pages 412-414 ). By having a cash bonus, with the option of turning it into bonds. Employees with less than 60 months on the job will have a lesser award than employees with more than 60 months. By offering merchandise for some employees might be more excited by the latest hot item than by a cash bonus, such as an iphone or a playstation 3. New employees offered a cheaper item such as an iphone. Older employees offered costlier merchandise such as a playstation 3. By
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Knapp8 - Homework for Week 8

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