Knapp4 - Homework for Week 4

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WEEK 4 CH7, Q5 – Describe the situations that would lead to the use of the three different buying processes for a particular product – lightweight bumpers for a pickup truck. First it is likely to go through a new-task buying process. Different people in the company may influence the specification of the lightweight bumper (appearance, etc.) and the selection of a vendor or two who are capable of providing the service and the right bumper to insure a smooth production. Second when the company is producing the truck and simply replenishing the bumper as needed to meet inventory or production requirements, the company is likely to use straight rebuys from a vendor who have been selected as meeting the requirements. Purchases might even be made based on a longer-term contract negotiated when the supplier was initially selected. The modified rebuy maybe used, if there are quality problems with the lightweight bumper or if a new supplier makes an effective case that he can do a better job, the buying company may seek to obtain new or updated information and reconsider the alternatives. . CH8, Q20 – A marketing manager is considering opportunities to export her firm’s current consumer products to several different countries. She is interested in getting secondary data that will help her narrow down choices to countries
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Knapp4 - Homework for Week 4

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