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Discussion (WK7) - Discussion Observations and...

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Discussion - Observations and Applications (WK7) Observations and Applications As you read the text chapter(s) for this week and review the Content Menu Lesson(s), think about your day-to-day activities as they relate to what you have read. Provide a brief synopsis of an experience as it applies to one or more of the concepts/issues you reviewed and describe it in a response to this thread. This exercise is optional. However, at the end of the term, I will review your work posted under this topic (Observations and Applications) each week, and based on the number and content of your postings, assign bonus points to your final exam. Note: Since this posting is optional and not graded, I will not necessarily respond to your postings. Thanks! NOTE: Post your initial comments to the discussion by clicking on the first "Respond" link below. To give feedback to a classmate's post, click on the "Respond" link below his/her comment. Below is this week's discussion. Please provide any comments and especially any constructive criticism which might help me expand my perspective on the subject. Thanks and enjoy. For this week’s observations and applications, I will reference a small section in chapter
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Discussion (WK7) - Discussion Observations and...

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