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Discussion (WK5) Case #4 -- MANU Soccer Academy MANU Soccer Academy Read MANU Soccer Academy , page 649, and post to the Discussion Area, your response to the questions at the end of the case. You may provide any other comments you wish. NOTE: Post your initial comments to the discussion by clicking on the first "Respond" link below. To give feedback to a classmate's post, click on the "Respond" link below his/her response. MANU Soccer Academy Evaluate Owen’s different options for growing MANU’s customer equity. Develop a set of marketing strategy ideas for each of the options. What could Owen do for market research to better assess his options? 1. His current customer retention rate is pretty high: about 80 percent. However, when the kids reach 14 or 15 years old, other high school sports and activities make them less interested in extra soccer training. One option is to try to increase retention by developing programs targeted at kids over 14. Owen needs to maintain the kids that reach 14 to 15 years old by trying new ways of training for soccer, besides training for endurance and speed, he may want to try and indoor soccer to build up accuracy. Those kids maybe tired of the same old routine (running drills & lifting weights). Turn the drills into games, like try to hit the coach on the field with the ball. 2. Another option is to develop a marketing strategy that would encourage his current customers to buy more. He wonders if they have other needs that he might be able to serve. Buy more, didn’t see anything being sold, except for Owens skills in training. As far as
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Discussion (WK5) - Discussion(WK5 Case#4MANUSoccerAcademy...

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