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Principles of Economics How to Draw Graphs 1. There are a number of ways to graph using a computer. Let’s look at 2 ways that are readily available to each of us. Since you will be drawing supply and demand curves in your assignments this session, let’s walk through how to do this. Please download these instructions, print them off and use them as guides. If you like using Excel, please do that. a. Using Word to hand draw the graph b. Using Word Graph 2. Using Word to hand draw the graph . a. Bring up the Drawing Tool bar if not up. [Go to any gray area of your toolbar, right click, choose Drawing, a mark will appear, click ok. Check drawing toolbar to come up—usually shows up at the bottom. b. Select the straight line icon. Click on it and, if you are using XP, a drawing box appears. If you’re not using XP, go to the middle of your paper and click the left mouse button. Using XP go to the middle of your drawing box and do the same thing. The mouse pointer turns into a +. Hold down on the left mouse button and draw a line lengthwise down the paper—about one or two inches long. Release mouse and your line will be there. c.
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How_to_Draw_Graphs_-MS_Word_OR_EXCEL_Park_U - Principles of...

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