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Discussion (WK4) This week we’ll look at National Public Radio . Click here for the National Public Radio Website . You’ll find one (or several articles) to analyze from the economic perspective. After reviewing and analyzing one current events article, post your analysis and/or comments to your classmates below. For full credit, review at least three of your classmates postings and reply to them as well. If you're the first to enter the Discussion there will only be a Respond button. Otherwise, you will see others' posting below. Click on the + Expand All button to view all of the entries made by your fellow learners. Folks, Welcome to Week 4! Amazing how quickly this session is progressing. This week, our discussion centers on PRODUCTION and COSTS. These topics are very important in our
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Unformatted text preview: understanding of the behavior of profit-maximizing firms. I’m interested to read the summaries of the articles you select for this week. Enjoy the week! Week 4 is the half way mark of our 8 week course. Airbus Leads Boeing But A400M Problem Lingers http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=122477384 I think this article can be “production and total fixed cost”. An aircraft plant uses steel, labor, electricity, machines, and countless other inputs to produce planes. No matter if Airbus produces 498 or 493 aircraft in a year, they still have to pay the overhead cost of their buildings. . Ron_Knapp_D4.doc...
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