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Classroomobjects - Classroom Objects Class(room Chair Desk...

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Classroom Objects فصلا ضارغأ Class(room) Saf(fun) فّ ص َ Chair Kursi(iun) يسر ُ كّ Desk Rahla(tun) ةلحر َ Table Taawila(tun) ةل ِ واط Book Kitaab(un) بات ِ ك Notebook Daftar(un) ر َ تف َ د Backpack, bag Haqiiba(tun) ةبيقح َ Pen Qalam(un) م َ لَق Pencil Qalam risaas صاص ِ ر م َ لَق Board Lawh(un) حو َ ل Chalk Tabshur(un) روشب َ ط Eraser Massaaha(tun) ةحاس ّ م َ Door Baab(un) باب
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