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Daysoftheweek - Days of the Week Saturday Sunday Monday...

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Days of the Week يأّ عوبسلا ما Saturday As-sabt تبس ّ لا Sunday Al-ahhad حلاّ د Monday Al-ithnayn ني َ نثلا Tuesday Ath-thalaathaa’ ءاثلّثلا Wednesday Al-arbi c aa’ ءاع ِ برلا Thursday Al-khamiis سيمخَ لا Friday Al-jum
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  • Fall '07
  • Hanoosh
  • Week-day names, Thai solar calendar, Al-jumca Al-yawm Maa, As-sabt Al-ahhad Al-ithnayn, huwa l-yawm Al-usbuuc

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