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Foods and Drinks تابورشمل±و ت²³كأمل± Bread khubz ز´خ ُ Rice Aruz/ruz µ¶ ُ /µ¶ ُ َ · Meat lahm ¸ح َ ل Fish samak ¹م َ س َ Chicken dajaaj جاº َ د Vegetables khudhrawaat ت±ورضخ ُ Fruit fawaakih ه ِ ك±³َف Salad salata ةط َ »س َ Eggs baydh ¼ي َ ب Cheese jubna ةن´º ُ Soup shawraba ةب¶ َ ³½ َ Tea shaai ¾ا½ Coffee qahwa ¿³Àَق Milk Laban/haliib Áي»Â َ َ ´ َ ل Water Maa’ ءاÄ Juice c asiir ريصَع Foods Ma’kuulaat ت²³كأÄ Drinks mashruubaat تابورشÄ َ Vegetarian (m./f.) Nabaati/nabaatiyya ة ّ يÅا´ َ Æ/ÇÅا´ َ Æ What would you (m.) like to eat? Maathaa tuhib an ta’kul È· Áح
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