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ARTH 247 Fall 2009 Paper One In a short paper (4-6 pages) examine ONE of the following topics 1. Since the late nineteenth century some historians and observers of Early Islamic art and architecture have argued that Early Islamic art and architecture blindly borrows from previous cultures (Roman, Byzantine, or Sasanian). In a short essay (4-6 pages) discuss the value of this statement. To illustrate your points, use one aspect of Early Islamic art and architecture, as it is expressed in either the Dome of the Rock, the Mosque of Damascus, Khirbet al-Mafjar or Qusayr Amra. For example you may want to discuss the decorative motifs, the choice of subject matter, or the architectural plan of one of these
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Unformatted text preview: buildings. 2. Works of art that are today sometimes referred to as “decorative” or “luxury” arts are of major importance in Islamic cultures. Investigate a particular medium such as textiles, ivory, ceramics, or metalwork, of a specific Islamic period/culture (i.e. Umayyad, Abbasid, Fatimid, etc.) and consider the significance and function to that particular culture. Possible themes that you may want to focus on include relations with other cultures; political and/or economic functions of luxury goods; the issue of decorative vocabulary; and the development of technique and style. The paper is due on October 30, 2009 in class. Please let me know if you need help locating sources....
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